Jim Kennemer

Jim Kennemer is the Founder of Cosmo Sourcing and Sourcinghub.io. He has helped 100’s of clients source more than $100 Million USD worth of products from both China and Vietnam. Products that he has sourced have ended up in almost every major retailer for clients from over 30 countries.

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Top Country to Manufacture Clothing // The 12 largest Exporters of Clothing, Garments, and Apparel

If you are looking to manufacture clothing and apparel, one of the first big decisions you need to make is which country is the best for your clothing line. The clothing industry is a global industry with manufacturers and factories spread across the globe. China is the biggest producer of clothing; however, its rivals are not that far behind. Many countries offer advantages over China in regards to cost, human rights, or quality.

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How to Find Pakistan Clothing, Textile, and Garment Manufacturers // Top 10 Clothing Suppliers In Pakistan List

Pakistan’s clothing, textile, and apparel industry is situated at the top of the textile value chain, beginning with cotton and synthetic fibers. Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth in the value of the global market share of garment clothing exports relative to goods at the lower end of the value chain. This pattern is influenced by factors such as recurrent movements in the global fashion world, niche marketing leading to higher unit price discoveries, and increased use of diverse designs and materials, especially in the women’s clothing segment.

Alibaba Alternatives in China

Top 15+ Alibaba Alternatives in China // List of Supplier Directories For China

This guide will feature the top Alibaba alternatives in China. You can read Cosmo Sourcings series on Alibaba alternatives for India, Vietnam, and Thailand as well. China is the largest market for Alibaba services and factories/suppliers manufacturing in China often rely on Alibaba to get deals done. This guide will focus on mainland China’s top websites specifically – many of the services below will only ship to mainland China. We provide a general overview of Alibaba’s top alternatives for this market and break down what each website can do for your business.

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