How to Find Clothing Manufacturers in China // Top 10 Garment Factories List

China has been a significant player in the global apparel and garment industry for almost two decades. As part of being a member of the World Trade Organization, Chinese garment and clothing production and sales have improved significantly, primarily due to increased western industry. With more than 100,000 suppliers, the Chinese textile industry is large and employing more than 10 million people. In 2012, China manufactured 43.6 billion pieces of clothing worth US$ 153.2 billion for export.
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With almost US$255 billion in exports in 2012, China is the world’s leading powerhouse in clothing, garment, and apparel exports. According to the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles and Apparel (CCCT), China’s biggest exports at 44.8% of its clothing to Asian countries, 23.3% to Europe, and 16.8% to North America. With this presence, it’s easy to find Clothing Manufacturers in China.

Regionally, the industry is primarily situated in the south-east of the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea region, and the south-east of the coastal regions. 

While there are 50 textile clusters in China, the five provinces of Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong in the eastern coastal region are 70 percent of China’s overall textile production.

The China National Garment Association (CNGA), states “China’s textile company has achieved an edge by making clothing items in all types of categories in a quick and timely manner that ensures its leading position on the world industry in terms of capability and efficiency.”

China’s emphasis has focused more on cloning concepts, but this increasingly shifts with suppliers and domestic labels engaging in original pieces.

For other countries check out our guide here:

What Types of Clothing, Garments, Textiles, and apparel are made in China? 

  • Casual Wear in China
  • Shirts/ tops
  • Outerwear (Jackets, Coats, etc.) in China
  • Underwear in China
  • Sportswear
  • Uniforms
  • Pants
  • Formal Wear 
  • Technical Fabrics
  • Children Clothing 
  • Home and Furniture Textiles
  • Yarns
  • Labels in China
  • Ready-Made Garments 
  • Woven goods 

Cut and Sew items in China 

In addition to Clothing, China also makes other items from Fabrics to Cut and sew the industry name of taking a piece of fabric and cutting sewing it into articles, including clothing and bags.

  • Bags in China
  • Backpacks in China
  • Briefcases
  • Hats in China
  • Caps
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Footwear in China

How to Find the Right Clothing Manufacturers in China

No matter the size of your business, you need a reputable manufacturer for your apparel business. If you’re trying to start a clothing company, you’ve arrived at the right location. It’s not hard to get a reputable manufacturer in China. Not all manufacturers of garments and textiles are similar.

Making a small assortment of the manufacturers online, without checking if the provider is available to meet the quality specifications, is likely to end up in failure. There are different locations where you can find clothes suppliers that can fulfill your business requirements.

Before you reach out you should have a Tech pack or product spec sheet made:

001 //   Sourcing Companies

If you do not have enough details about the garment supply, you should contact local Chinese vendors to locate the most skilled clothing manufacturers.

Primarily, sourcing companies are very knowledgeable and can find the right producer you need. Too much money can be saved by sourcing businesses that you would like to use in your business.

Clothing Manufacturers in China

002 // Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to meet many suppliers in a single day. You may opt to go individually from one producer to another, peer at the results of their progress, and negotiate your plans. Industrial meetings are relevant so you can verify the consistency of the cloth.

A variety of experienced clothing buyers visit various trade fairs in China or around the world. Many textile factories in the shows are easy to meet.

Some of the popular garment industry shows in China include Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles, Global Source Fashion, ACLE, Centerstage, etc.

003 // Online B2B marketplace

You can also find garment suppliers on Chinese web portals. Three of the most popular garment manufacturers in China are: 

  • Global Source 
  • Alibaba
  • Made in China

004 // References

There are a lot of business owners in the same industry you’re in. You may ask them to make clothes. Using references is the simplest and most convenient way to get checked details from those interested in manufacturing.

This approach greatly benefits companies engaged in factory-specific wholesale clothing in India as they deal exclusively with manufacturers. China is one of the top exporters of garments with a variety of factories.

005 // Select garment factories in China from Linkedin, etc.

Social media is among the best places to locate a manufacturer of clothes. It’s binding you to millions around the world. Many garment manufacturers promote on multiple social media sites. Facebook Company Groups were still another perfect way to reach out to multiple suppliers.

Several Chinese wholesale fabric producers and distributors post about their company file or personal online introductions, such as Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, etc. You may also target some of the best Chinese garment manufacturers there.

Best Clothing Manufacturers in China List

Currently, China is listed as the second-biggest economy in the world after the United States. China also has significant contributions to world textile exports, growing by $18.4 Billion in 2015, $15 Billion in 2016, and $14 Billion in 2017, creating its largest textile exporter. 

The Chinese textile industry is one of the largest producers and exporters globally, with an export value of USD 266.41 billion. The production value of China’s garment industry contributes to more than half of the global economy. With its consistent increase in the last twenty years, the Chinese manufacturing industry has been one of the critical pillars of the nation’s infrastructure.

This article will list our top 10 Chinese garment manufacturers, involving a broad range of clothing and textiles. For each garment manufacturer in China, we have a concise overview, a review of its important products, and credentials.

001 //  Yotex Clothing

Yotex apparel, a sports apparel supplier located in Shanghai, China, has been offering ODM & OEM One-Stop Full Kit Operation for the US, Canadian and European industries since 2015. Most of their items involve streamlined leggings, bikinis, swimsuits, sweatshirts, etc.

YOTEX collaborates with two creators – Yova and Terry; ‘X’ implies several other owners and investors, including university academics, apparel quality specialists, and overseas partners. Terry, another of the founders of YOTEX, came from Apparel design engineers who specialized in quality checks of garments for several years between Shenzhen, Fujian, and Shanghai.

Yotex can include any ready-made outerwear and active apparel in YOTEX for importers. They have uniforms for schools, athletic competitions, club activities, etc. They also consider customized design requests for their silk-screen printing, DTG, heat seal printing technologies.

Terry, another of the founders of YOTEX, came from Apparel design engineers who specialized in quality checks of garments for several years between Shenzhen, Fujian, and Shanghai. Yotex can include any ready-made outerwear and active apparel in YOTEX for importers. They have uniforms for schools, athletic competitions, club activities, etc. They also consider customized design requests for their silk-screen printing, DTG, heat seal printing technologies.

Primary Products

  • Swimsuit
  • Running shorts
  • Biker shorts
  • Bikinis
  • Waterproof pants

Company Details

  • Location: Jiading, Shanghai
  • Certificates: Not mentioned
  • Year of registration: 2015

002 // Hemp Fortex

Hemp Fortex was established in 1999 to concentrate on environmentally responsible and productive textile processing. As vertically integrated producers, they have a unique role. Hemp Fortex sources the fibers and spins the thread, knits, and weaves the apparel product’s fabrics.

For the most part, Hemp Fortex only operates with its production plants or other verified facilities to uphold their quality. E.g., only EU-approved dyes and chemicals are used in dyeing and finishing. They have their very own knitting plants, sewing machines, and clothing lines for their products.

You will find a few textile items on their website, but they concentrate on offering fabrics such as Pure Hemp, Organic Cotton, Wool, and Recycled Fiber for consumers. Note also that Hemp Fortex does not sell customized fabrics to new clients. They deal with various foreign labels, including Patagonia, prana, Kathmandu, Outerknown, etc.

Primary Product

  • Hemp
  • Organic Cotton
  • Organic, recycled blend
  • Organic linen
  • Dresses
  • Shoes

Company Details

  • Location: Qingdao, Shandong
  • Certificates: Not mentioned
  • Year of registration: 1999

003 // Jinjiang Changda Garment Co., Ltd.

Changda has been known as an OEM/ODM supplier of casual wear, athletic wear, and kid wear since 2005. Changda is based in Jinjiang District, Fujian Province, with a warehouse capacity of over 10,000 square meters.

Changda’s output has been shipped to Italy, Spain, the USA, Germany, France, and Australia. Their raw materials and components have been submitted to SGS, ITS, and STR for third-party audits to adapt to distinct demands from various countries.

Although their primary commodity is sportswear, you can find a range of sportswear on the Alibaba website. E.g., basketball, baseball, volleyball, yoga, and racketeering. The minimum purchase differs; however, most of their items are set to 10 pieces only, which would be ideal for buying sports games. More significantly, they have items in stock for sale if you don’t need a custom build. Thus by buying premade items, you will shorten the time to produce your goods.

Primary Products

  • Yoga wear
  • Running wear
  • Hoodies
  • Sport Jacket

Company Details

  • Location: Jinjiang, Fujian
  • Certificates: BSCI, ISO9001
  • Year of registration: 2005

004 // D&J Garment Co, Ltd.

D&J Garment was founded as a female fashion company in Guangzhou in 1995. Over 20 years of professional experience focusing on high and low-quality apparel products, D&J has collaborated with labels and customers from Europe or North America, such as TOBI, QUIZ, FORMAT, DABUWAWA, etc.

D&J’s position is near the biggest fabric industry in China – the ZhongDa Fabric Market, which offers them the benefit of having some hot, fashionable fabrics and products to develop new fashion trends. This benefit also allows D&J the opportunity to make prototypes for their clients in a limited period to make rapid fashion improvements.

The D&J materials are indeed primarily cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, viscose, etc. They have a new production process and quality management system for each of their goods. D&J also provides 300 parts per min order, seven days for sampling garments, and three weeks for the production process.

Primary Products

  • Dresses
  • Jackets & Coats
  • Knitwear & Cardigan
  • Tops
  • Playsuits & Jumpsuits

Company Details

  •  Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Certificates: ISO 9001
  • Year of registration: Not mentioned

005 // H&Fourwing

H&Fourwing has been a producer of women’s garments since 1998. They’ve been providing mainstream high-end luxury brands for several years. They offer consumer-style analysis, design, fabric procurement, and manufacturing processes. The core feature of HFW contained women’s skirts, tops, blouses, trousers, etc.

A variety of third-party audits have been carried out by the factory, such as BSCI, SGS, BV, ITS. In reality, the HFW QC team representative is from SGS, and they also give a pre-shipping audit report. They also have complete examinations from in-line to off-line for improved quality management, including cloth checks such as colorfastness and cloth shrinkage.

HFW is an OEM provider, but they are also active in ODM production. They may not have a huge volume of inventory for sale, but limited units are still acceptable. HFW also provides a team of professionals to help you create your idea for consumers dealing with design.

Primary Products

  • Dresses
  • Tops
  • Blouses
  • Shorts
  • Jumpsuits

Company Details

  • Location: Ningbo, Zhejiang
  • Certificates: BSCI, SGS, BV, and ITS issued test reports
  • Year of registration: 1998

006 // Shenzhen Global Weiye Clothing Co., Ltd

Weiye has been a retailer specialized in t-shirts, polo shirts, vests, football wear, hoodies, sportswear, baby and children’s apparel, etc., since 1998. People search for a one-stop operation to run the entire process from drafting, weaving, dyeing, printing, stitching and packing to delivery.

You can also notice several videos on the website of Weiye. They post videos about the manufacturing processes. For instance, how weave machines or dying machines operate and how to quicken the stuff. It would be fascinating to note every protocol when you purchase from Weiye.

Weiye can have the ISO9001, BSCI, Oeko Tex 100, SGS, and other test reports certificates. Both goods follow the requirements of Europe and the United States. In reality, some of Weiye’s long-term clients involve Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Gap, and Walmart, etc. Note here that they only operate on OEM orders or do not have stock goods for sale.

Primary Products

  •  T-shirt
  • Polo shirt
  • Baby clothes
  • Sportswear
  • Hoodie

Company Details

  • Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong
  • Certificates: ISO9001, BSCI, OEKO Tex Standard 100, and other test reports
  • Year of registration: 1998

007 // Wuxi Kuanyang Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Kuanyang is a cloth goods business specialized in the movement of printing and printing products since 1995. They collaborated with China’s biggest printing ink producer, Wuxi Hongbao, special Dyeing and Printing Ink Co., Ltd., and offered one-stop facilities to consumers from design to delivery.

Kuanyang relies on environmentally sustainable and toxin-free printing ink. The ink has undergone the consistency checking of reputable organizations like ITS, SGS, and Oeko-Tex. Their primary items, namely cloth, and move printing, like curtains, shopping bags, make-up bags, luggage, and so forth.

They collaborated with several foreign brands like Envy, Coach, Adidas, and Billabong, etc. The business includes South East Asia, Europe, North America, and much more. Kuanyang also stressed the environmental effects during the production process. Kuanyang Textile can find many reports on environmental conservation on their webpage. They have reported some information on waste to track and reduce the impacts on the environment.

Primary Products

  • Swimwear fabric
  • Sport fabric
  • Towel fabric
  • Softshell fabric

Company Details

  • Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu
  • Certificates: ITS, SGS, Oeko-Tex standard 100
  • Year of registration: 1995

008 // Shenzhen Doven Garment Co., Ltd.

Doven was founded as a distributor on in 2013. They primarily make utilitarian apparel, marketing apparel sportswear, like t-shirts, polo shirts, coats, shorts, etc.

During the six years of growth, numerous exhibits, such as Asia World-Expo, have taken part and gained various certifications, such as OEKO-TEX, ISO9001, and BSCI.

Both OEM/ODM orders are appreciated in Doven, particularly for promotional activities, supermarkets, business work clothes, and student uniforms. Their goods have also been sold to Europe, Australia, and North America all over the globe. As a 4-year gold distributor on Alibaba, Devon still retains its usual delivery time of 30 days to increase competitiveness.

Primary Products

  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • T-shirt
  • Yoga wear
  • Jackets

Company Details

·   Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong

·   Certificates: BSCI, Oeko-Tex standard 100, REACH test report

·   Year of registration: 2013

009 // HTX

Huaxiang is mainly a knitwear manufacturing firm with around 2,000 workers in factories located in China and Bangladesh. It all originated in the local marketplace in Shanghai back in 1991. Mao Ping Hua, the founder of Huaxiang, sewed and distributed woolen sweaters on the market. It was a triumph, and Mao purchased more sewing machines and launched the business the same year.

HTX is a branch of Shanghai Huaxiang Woolen Co., a maker of wool and knitwear. With 26 years of professional experience in the fashion world, they have collaborated with numerous multinational brands such as H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Coach, and Burberry.

You can read a number of articles about the fashion world on their webpage. They also advised people who wish to launch a fashion company of their own. For instance, how to advertise your fashion brand and your wool processing systems.

Unlike many other factories, there is no minimum purchase amount for orders as they continue to understand more about their company and figure out a reasonable approach that works. And this strategy has enabled many small companies to expand.

Primary Products

  • Knitwear

Company Details

  • Location: Pudong, Shanghai
  • Certificates: Not mentioned
  • Year of registration: 1991

010 // Zhongshan ARLISMAN Garment Factory

ARLISMAN was formed in 1999 as a traditional textile manufacturer for clothing modification, clothing manufacturing, and mapping facilities. Lin Guoli, the creator of ARLISMAN, joined the textile industry in 1988.

With 20 years of growth, ARLISMAN has begun partnerships with other multinational brands like the US.POLO, H&M, BHS, etc. ARLISMAN’s primary merchandise comprised men’s t-shirts, polo shirts, knit sweaters, jeans, etc.

ARLISMAN offers a wide variety of services, from concept to shipping. They also structured control and supervision of the quality of goods in the phase. They have also developed their brands, such as AVANZAR and ARLISMAN, to boost the processing capacity and service quality.

You will find the blog on their site, on the other side. Articles relating to manufacturing have been written from time to time. For instance, “How to select the best technologies to modify the logo of your clothes” and “How to pick fabrics for custom t-shirts.”

Primary Products

  • T-shirts
  • Polo
  • Knit sweaters
  • Knit scarves
  • Pants

Company Details

  • Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong
  • Certificates: Not mentioned
  • Year of registration: 1999

Final thoughts on Manufacturing Apparel in China 

There is an explanation that nearly everything we purchase nowadays has the “Made in China” tag; the Chinese have been specialists in manufacturing goods quickly and time management. The same applies in the fashion market when it comes to the manufacture of clothes. Once a hub for fast-fashion and value-added retail production, production costs turn China into a hub for high-quality clothing and garment manufacturing. Chinese garment producers have three aspects that cause them to step out in contrast to the rest of the globe: the opportunity to take on mass orders, short lead times and manufacturing times, and the ability to do trade comfortably with companies in every region of the world. We believe you’ve discovered a useful guide to discovering the right clothes manufacturer in China. If you have any concerns, please let us know in the comments section below.

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