Jim Kennemer

Jim Kennemer is the Founder of Cosmo Sourcing and Sourcinghub.io. He has helped 100’s of clients source more than $100 Million USD worth of products from both China and Vietnam. Products that he has sourced have ended up in almost every major retailer for clients from over 30 countries.

Alibaba Alternatives in China

Top 15+ Alibaba Alternatives in China // List of Supplier Directories For China

This guide will feature the top Alibaba alternatives in China. You can read Cosmo Sourcings series on Alibaba alternatives for India, Vietnam, and Thailand as well. China is the largest market for Alibaba services and factories/suppliers manufacturing in China often rely on Alibaba to get deals done. This guide will focus on mainland China’s top websites specifically – many of the services below will only ship to mainland China. We provide a general overview of Alibaba’s top alternatives for this market and break down what each website can do for your business.

Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam

The 10+ Best Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam // How To Source Products and Manufactures In Vietnam

If you are looking for a supplier or manufacturer in Vietnam, then your first instinct is to check out Alibaba. Unfortunately, this is not a great resource as it’s not as active in Vietnam as it is in China. Fortunately, there are great Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam that you can use. We run down the best ones from our own experience, and give you a good guide for sourcing in Vietnam!

The Best Sourcing Companies in China

Top 10 Sourcing Companies In China List // + Guide on How To Hire A Sourcing Company

Are you New to manufacturing in China and want to know the top sourcing companies? Welcome to the ultimate guide on sourcing/manufacturing in China. We developed a comprehensive step-by-step guide that contains all the essential information about sourcing in China, including What sourcing companies do, top benefits, how to hire/pay sourcing companies, red flags to avoid, and questions to ask sourcing agents. We also compiled a list of the top 10 sourcing companies in China (scroll below for the full list).

India Alibaba Alternatives for Product Sourcing

Best 15+ India Alibaba Alternatives List // Resources to Find Indian Products and Manufacturers

Alibaba is the standard for sourcing in China, but now so much in India. So what are the best Alibaba Alternatives for India? Sourcing Hub lists the best resources for sourcing suppliers, manufacturers, and products. This guide will include tips for finding wholesalers in India as well as manufacturers. We give a total overview of importing from India for businesses of all sizes.

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