Product Sourcing

Cosmo Sourcing’s Rating And Reviewing Suppliers For Product Sourcing Guide

In the intricate realm of product sourcing and procurement, one component stands as a linchpin to ensuring the journey from conception to the consumer is smooth and satisfactory — the supplier. Engaging with competent, reliable, and ethical suppliers is imperative to maintain the quality and delivery timelines to uphold the brand’s reputation and ensure customer satisfaction. However, vetting suppliers can often morph into a complex endeavor, laden with challenges ranging from geographical and linguistic barriers to varying industry standards and ethical practices.

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How to Find Textiles, Garment, and Clothing Manufacturers in Indonesia // List of Top 12 Apparel Factories

Are you looking for Clothing Manufacturers in Indonesia? Indonesia’s apparel and clothing industry increased around 38% in exports, estimated at $13.8 billion in 2019, from $10 billion in 2018. Thirty percent of Indonesia’s overall supply was used to satisfy domestic consumption, and 70 percent was mostly exported to the US (36%), the Middle East (23%), the EU (13 percent), and China (5 percent).

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How to Find Clothing Manufacturers in China // Top 10 Garment Factories List

China has been a significant player in the global apparel and garment industry for almost two decades. As part of being a member of the World Trade Organization, Chinese garment and clothing production and sales have improved significantly, primarily due to increased western industry.

With more than 100,000 suppliers, the Chinese textile industry is large and employing more than 10 million people. In 2012, China manufactured 43.6 billion pieces of clothing worth US$ 153.2 billion for export.

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Top Country to Manufacture Clothing // The 12 largest Exporters of Clothing, Garments, and Apparel

If you are looking to manufacture clothing and apparel, one of the first big decisions you need to make is which country is the best for your clothing line. The clothing industry is a global industry with manufacturers and factories spread across the globe. China is the biggest producer of clothing; however, its rivals are not that far behind. Many countries offer advantages over China in regards to cost, human rights, or quality.

Alibaba Alternatives in China

Top 15+ Alibaba Alternatives in China // List of Supplier Directories For China

This guide will feature the top Alibaba alternatives in China. You can read Cosmo Sourcings series on Alibaba alternatives for India, Vietnam, and Thailand as well. China is the largest market for Alibaba services and factories/suppliers manufacturing in China often rely on Alibaba to get deals done. This guide will focus on mainland China’s top websites specifically – many of the services below will only ship to mainland China. We provide a general overview of Alibaba’s top alternatives for this market and break down what each website can do for your business.

The Best Sourcing Companies in China

Top 10 Sourcing Companies In China List // + Guide on How To Hire A Sourcing Company

Are you New to manufacturing in China and want to know the top sourcing companies? Welcome to the ultimate guide on sourcing/manufacturing in China. We developed a comprehensive step-by-step guide that contains all the essential information about sourcing in China, including What sourcing companies do, top benefits, how to hire/pay sourcing companies, red flags to avoid, and questions to ask sourcing agents. We also compiled a list of the top 10 sourcing companies in China (scroll below for the full list).

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