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How to Find Clothing Manufacturers in Indonesia // List of Top 12 Apparel Factories

Are you looking for Clothing Manufacturers in Indonesia? Indonesia’s apparel and clothing industry increased around 38% in exports, estimated at $13.8 billion in 2019, from $10 billion in 2018. Thirty percent of Indonesia’s overall supply was used to satisfy domestic consumption, and 70 percent was mostly exported to the US (36%), the Middle East (23%), the EU (13 percent), and China (5 percent).

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How to Find Pakistan Clothing, Textile, and Garment Manufacturers // Top 10 Clothing Suppliers In Pakistan List

Pakistan’s clothing, textile, and apparel industry is situated at the top of the textile value chain, beginning with cotton and synthetic fibers. Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth in the value of the global market share of garment clothing exports relative to goods at the lower end of the value chain. This pattern is influenced by factors such as recurrent movements in the global fashion world, niche marketing leading to higher unit price discoveries, and increased use of diverse designs and materials, especially in the women’s clothing segment.

Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam

The 10+ Best Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam // How To Source Products and Manufactures In Vietnam

If you are looking for a supplier or manufacturer in Vietnam, then your first instinct is to check out Alibaba. Unfortunately, this is not a great resource as it’s not as active in Vietnam as it is in China. Fortunately, there are great Alibaba Alternatives in Vietnam that you can use. We run down the best ones from our own experience, and give you a good guide for sourcing in Vietnam!

India Alibaba Alternatives for Product Sourcing

Best 15+ India Alibaba Alternatives List // Resources to Find Indian Products and Manufacturers

Alibaba is the standard for sourcing in China, but now so much in India. So what are the best Alibaba Alternatives for India? Sourcing Hub lists the best resources for sourcing suppliers, manufacturers, and products. This guide will include tips for finding wholesalers in India as well as manufacturers. We give a total overview of importing from India for businesses of all sizes.

Vietnam is one of the top China manufacturing Alternatives

Pros And Cons Of China Manufacturing Alternatives // Sourcing Products Outside Of China Guide

China used to be the premier location for sourcing products, but rising labor costs and increased tariffs make manufacturers look for alternatives to China. Trump’s 25% tariff on imported Chinese goods raised the costs for sourcing products in China. The rising wages in large Chinese cities are also making it hard for investors to turn a profit while maintaining their factories on Chinese soil.

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