HOW TO FIND FOOTWEAR MANUFACTURERS IN INDONESIA // Top 10 Indonesia Shoe Suppliers and Factories List

This article will act as your guide for accessing the best footwear and shoes in Indonesia, a country that has, over the years, been successful in this sector. The shoe industry in the country strongly supports the economy and contributes heavily in creating and offering employment opportunities to its citizens.
Top 10 Indonesia Shoe Suppliers and Factories List

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There are numerous shoe manufacturers around the world; it can be a daunting task to get the right manufacturer. Indonesia is one of many countries that makes shoes, but it is a reliable country for many major brands. 

The Indonesian Footwear Association, identified as Aprisindo, said that the country’s Footwear Industry recorded quite an impressive performance in 2020, with exports experiencing an annual growth of 8.97%. This indicates that the industry is a significant sector that the economy strongly depends on.

Indonesia has various footwear brands and shoe factories that produce high-quality products, evidenced by the huge success that the industry has shown over the years.

Therefore, this article will inform you on where to find these shoe manufacturers and offer essential information about this industry, the different brands, shoe factory list, and how to contact them, so let’s begin!

Indonesia’s Shoes and Footwear Industry Overview

The year 2020 saw a deep slump in demand for leather footwear in Indonesia due to the pandemic impact that led to many people opting not to spend their earnings on expensive items. This was because the economy was severely affected. A large number lost their jobs in the course.

However, according to the analyst’s opinion, the country’s fashion industry’s overall outlook remains positive since it is expected that the apparel and footwear portfolio will decline only in tiny proportions, which will result in drastic overall growth potential.

The most vital driving force for the global footwear market is the escalating importance of new markets as production sites and consumer markets. This furthers the need for producers and retailers to diversify their geographical presence to expand the possibility of growth.

Commercial activity in the country was affected, culminating in low consumer confidence because the Indonesian economy’s key sector was hit at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, revenue in the footwear market is projected to exceed US$ 4,228M in 2021. The market is expected to have a growth score of 3.7%  annually (Compound Annual Growth Rate, CAGR 2021-2025).

It is expected that the largest segment will be the Leather Footwear segment, with a market volume of US $ 1,857M in 2021.

The following shoes can be manufactured in Indonesia:

✔ Sneakers in Indonesia 

✔ Sports shoes In Indonesia

✔ Lace-up shoes In Indonesia

✔ Formal shoes/Oxfords In Indonesia

✔ Loafers in Indonesia

✔ Sandals In Indonesia

✔ Slippers In Indonesia

✔ Ballet shoes in Indonesia

✔ Boat shoes in Indonesia

✔ Snowshoes in Indonesia

✔ Traditional shoes 

✔  and many, many more shoe styles!

Indonesia Shoe Manufacturing Capacity and Exports

Indonesia has been rated as one of the world’s leading footwear exporters. In 2013, the country shipped goods worth $3.86 billion, according to Indonesian Government Data. The leather footwear, which includes athletic shoes, accounts for most of the exports.

The country is ranked among the world’s top six largest footwear exporters after China, Italy, Vietnam, Germany, and Belgium.

According to the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, in 2016, the value of exported footwear was worth US $ 5bn, 661 million pairs of footwear were produced, and year on year (YoY) was at 2.9%.

In the foreseeable future, footwear exports from Indonesia could reach US$ 8bn per year.

Approximately 31% of Indonesia’s total footwear exports are shipped to the USA, followed by other European countries like Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, which take 27 percent of the total. The remaining shoe exports go to China, Japan, Middle East, and Africa.

Established big footwear brands like Nike Inc and several other companies from China and South Korea have production facilities in Indonesia since its labor cost is relatively cheap, which is a massive boost to its economy.

The footwear industry in Indonesia consists of more than 250 registered industries, mainly situated in concentrated regions like the Island of Java, significant cities, and urban centers like Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Bandung, and Garut. Small manufacturers mainly cater to the domestic market.

Medium to large-sized manufacturers utilizes their manufacturing capacity to cater to foreign orders. Despite the foreign market remaining reasonably strong, large-sized manufacturers also produce for the local market. This will help them cushion any hard impacts of the fluctuating demands from the foreign market.

The Indonesian manufacturers have built their reputation proven by working with international high-end brands and meeting specified production needs. This is further cemented with their compliance with strict health, safety, and labor regulations.

Competitive labor costs have also convinced the global brands to source shoes and footwear from Indonesia and have also attracted investment from China, Korea, and other countries. This particular advantage is in danger of falling apart amid a significant increase in minimum wages, and rival producing countries are willing to sell on the same Association of Southeast Asian(ASEAN) market.

The workforce is also more educated and has demonstrated adaptability to new trends and innovation and creativity in their designs while working with international principals and buyers.

Changing lifestyles and trends in fashion in Indonesia are expected to generate a strong demand growth for athletic footwear. This gives manufacturers in this sector an appealing alternative to exports.

Shoe and Footwear Manufacturing in Indonesia/Future Predictions

The Indonesian government realizes that the footwear industry is a pivotal part of the country’s economy. It is a strategic sector that is labor-intensive and has therefore offered immense support for the industry. It has implemented the following policies:

  • The country has opened its doors widely to investors who then invest in the footwear industry with 100% foreign ownership.
  • The reduction of corporate taxable income by as much as 30% of investment value is given to certain business fields and specific areas for all footwear downstream industries. The tax allowance has been spread for six years, implying 5% each year.
  • Furthermore, to spur the growth of the footwear industry, the Indonesian government has also implemented several initiatives and supporting programs by:
  • Setting up and encouraging industrial clusters that aim to facilitate vertical and horizontal integration and staff training.
  • It’s also facilitating technical assistance, research activities, and development programs through The Indonesian Center for leather, Rubber, and Plastic and The Indonesian Leather Technology Academy located in Yogyakarta.
  • Facilitating Indonesia National Standard Work Competency(SKKNI) in the Footwear Industry and applying the National Standard.
  • Providing Industrial training in West Java(Bandung, Subang and Sukabumi), Central Java(Semarang), and East Java(Sidoarjo, Jombang and Mojokerto).
  • The revitalization and Industry Development Program that concerns machine/equipment restructuration of the footwear industry launched in 2007 seeks to replace old, inefficient types of machinery to promote technological advancement and cooperation between local and foreign companies.

How to Manufacture Shoes in Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation that has abundant raw materials hence making productions relatively affordable, and this has encouraged many factories to come up. Accessibility to various factories has eased the supply of footwear both locally and internationally.

The process to get your footwear made in Indonesia is: 

Step_01 // Identifying your supplier, we advise that you find a reliable established supplier.

Step_02 // Consult with the supplier on design. This is if you have a specific need that you want, but if not, the suppliers can design based on previous existing templates.

Step_03 // Negotiate the Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ). Some factories have a specific requirement on the number of purchases you can make on the first order. Therefore negotiation is necessary at this stage.

Step_04 // Production of the first samples.

Step_05 // Order fulfillment

Step_06 // The Export terms and logistics are to be negotiated.

How to Find Shoe Suppliers in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are hundreds of shoe suppliers, making it easier to access any that you want at the moment. You can always spot a suitable shoe supplier in concentrated urban centers like Jombang, Bandung, and Sukabumi.

Search engines

Search engines like Yahoo, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are very convenient and easy to use since by just clicking a button, you can identify what you are looking for.

Networking and Referrals

Connecting with other footwear companies that already have direct links with reliable industries ensures that you get the best suppliers.

Magazines and Trade Publications

Utilization of the local libraries is recommended since the magazines, newspapers, and books may have useful information on some of the Indonesian factories that will help in decision making.

B2B Marketplaces

The use of B2B marketplaces, which offer a direct link to multiple industries involved in the same business activity, is another convenient and reliable method of finding shoe suppliers in Indonesia.

Suppliers Directories

There are several online directories of factories in Indonesia. 

Footwear Trade Shows in Indonesia

Indonesia trade shows for shoes, for example, ILF Expo 2020 that showcased quality product on the laser machine and a high competitiveness technology in the leather and footwear industry. This trade show includes footwear machinery, tanning machinery, process chemicals & dyes, manufacturing equipment, technology, man & woman footwear, sports & medical shoes, leather garments, leather goods, travel wear, fashion accessories, baby shoes, handbags & bags, leather furniture, leather accessories and many more.

Shoes and Footwear Brands Made in Indonesia 

  • Esmée Official: It is a women’s footwear brand that focuses on comfort and quality standards, making it one of Indonesia’s top brands.
  • Winston Smith: Offers a variety of products from slip-on sandals to pumps. The products are smart and casual.
  • Andre Valentino: Offers a wide range of classic elegant shoes.
  • By Chapelet

List of Top Shoe and Footwear factories in Indonesia

Sancu Creative Indonesia

 the leader market, distribution, and production of “SANCU” Cute Character Flip Flop in Indonesia. The products are of a high-quality standard.

DiS Bali Leather

The company makes handbags and shoes mainly from genuine leather. Besides bag shoes, they also produce apparel jewelry. They have made orders for individual customers and retailers and renowned fashion boutiques in France, Belgium, Germany, UK, the USA, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong.

PT Perwira Ekadharma Pratama

They are a Rubber Outsole Factory.

PT Novel International

  It is a well established international importer/exporter and Manufacturer’s Agent-based in Jakarta, Indonesia. For Furniture/ Footwear, it was Established in the year 2005.

 The company is a Trade-in Commodities Trading company offering services in different fields related to the General Trading Industry & Commodities with the Main Office located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

PT Kezia Solindo International

It is a lady’s shoes, women’s shoe exporter, and Manufacturer from Indonesia.

Korin Abadi PT

They export sporting goods like shoes, t-shirts, bags and many others from any branded label which is entirely original. They also have non branded shoes of high quality.

Edward Forrer PT

It is an international footwear and bags retailer, wholesaler, and manufacturer with more than 50 stores in Australia, Hawaii, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

It has been establishing and developing its company for 18 years, and every single detail of its manufacturing process is done in Indonesia, the country of origin.

Top Torch International

They produce their goods with the best quality machinery which guarantee customers supreme quality. Having a base in Indonesia enables them to produce at a cheaper LOP comparatively.

They mostly export our goods to high-end brands across the globe. Top torch exports to Australia, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and are planning to expand to more countries.

Grand Shoe Industry

With close or over  30 years of experience, Grand Shoe Industry has emerged as the pioneer of safety footwear in Indonesia. Established in 1976, it was the first safety footwear specialist in the country.


It is located in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their main products supplied are Shoe, Sandal, Clog, Leather footwear.

Footwear Corner

It was the latest factory in the industry being established in 2016.

Located at Alan Cibaduyut Raya, Bandung, Propinsi Jawa Barat, and Indonesia.

The main products supplied are leather footwear.

Final Thoughts on Manufacturing Shoes Indonesia 

Different fashion trends emerge every day in the footwear sector. This has been necessitated by changes in individuals who prefer to stay fit and create a need for appropriate shoes that can make exercising much comfortable. The work environment’s shift also provides a want to have casual footwear that is stylish and appropriate.

Therefore, even as you look for shoe manufacturers, it is essential to stay updated on the latest trends and updates in the footwear industry.

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  2. Very informative article, thanks for sharing. We are a new sportswear start-up based out of Atlanta, GA, Dionies Sportswear. We are looking for a sports shoe manufacture who can accommodate American shoe sizes for bigger feet, and what we have discovered is that most of the shoes in today’s market that caters to bigger shoe sizes are made in Indonesia. So, we need good manufacture who can help us get that size.

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    looking for shoes and handbag manufacturers in Indonesia

  4. Italy, long the leader in luxury shoes crafted by bespoke shoemakers, may only be an option for high-end footwear purveyors to entertain. The average landed cost for shoes there, according to FDRA, is $68.64 a pair, more than eight times China s $8.09.

  5. Walkaroo International Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter from India with a wide range of footwear portfolio was founded long back with a vision of providing Quality footwear at an affordable price. Today company holds a global leadership position in PU footwear with 12 units spread across 6 states of India catering needs of India and abroad. Walkaroo has always been in the forefront for introducing innovations to meet ever growing customer needs.Today we manufacture a wide range of over 600 SKUs in 9 categories thereby offering a wide range of choice to its growing customer base.
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  7. Good day,

    I already have 600 shoes manufactured, I am now looking for a manufacturer that will pay attention to the detail, this will make a huge difference.

  8. Hi
    I am looking for a manufacturer that specialises in producing footwear from recycled materials eg. recycled tyre treads and old sneakers for soles and recycled fabrics?
    Thank you

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