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What products can you source in Thailand? Is Made in Thailand good? What are the best resources to find suppliers in Thailand? Is Thailand a good alternative to manufacturing in China? What brands are made in Thailand? We answer this and more in our guide on Sourcing and manufacturing in Thailand.
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Many buyers are looking beyond China for alternative countries for sourcing and manufacturing. As a result, many buyers are looking at what products are made in Thailand. Both the trade war with China and the increasingly uncertain global landscape, buyers are searching globally for new sourcing destinations. Buyers, business owners, procurement officers, and more are looking outside China to find alternative sourcing destinations. Thailand is one of the top choices for many reasons, including low costs and a friendly business environment. For readers interested in other countries, check out our guide on the 13 best alternatives to China for Sourcing.

In this article, we write about sourcing from Thailand and the most popular items from Thailand for selling on e-commerce and traditional retail stores. 

The Culture and Economy Of Thailand

Thailand has long been one of the most prosperous and advanced significant countries in Southeast Asia. In 2019, Thailand exported almost USD 250 Billion worth of goods. Surprisingly the United States, which received 12.8% of the total exports, was the top recipient of exports for Thai exports. The GDP of Thailand is over $500 Billion with a population of over 69 million people, according to the World Bank.

Some of these businesses include manufacturing plants, factories, and similar facilities. These factories specialize in producing a wide range of different items made in Thailand– from clothing to jewelry, and much more. Because of the large number of factories, Thailand is often considered a profitable country to do business with, especially for resellers who are trying to profit from buying products and then selling them at a higher margin. 

Thailand is a unique and fascinating country. Thailand is home to the smallest mammal found on the planet and the largest water creature to roam to the ocean. Thailand is mostly a tropical country with vast and abundant forests throughout the country. 

List of Products Made in Thailand 

Thailand has a large manufacturing industry that makes a vast array of products suitable for export. Thailand has world-class manufacturing facilities and experience exporting to western countries, including the EU and the United States. Manufacturers in Thailand have decades of experience manufacturing goods ranging from electronics, cars, steel, clothing, jewelry, and much more. 

Clothing, Textiles, and Apparel Suppliers in Thailand

Thailand has a broad base of clothing manufacturers throughout the country. In Thailand, there is a good balance of large manufacturers who work with some of the largest brands, such as Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, and Everlane, as well as several small boutique brands. Clothing, apparel, and Textile manufacturers pretty much can make garments of all kinds.

A significant focus is placed on well-known name brands when shopping for clothing and apparel in Thailand, but this does not mean brand name items are all that a business can find here. Several manufacturers also specialize in the production of generic clothing, while still ensuring every piece of clothing designed and manufactured matches the latest styles in fashion around the world. 

Clothing and textile items can be purchased in bulk from suppliers in Thailand. Buying wholesale in Thailand allows resellers to set a profit margin on each of the products and determine how much they would like to make from the deal. 

Textiles made in Thailand can be purchased when companies are looking to produce their clothing, sheets, and other items that require material in the production process. 

It is also possible for companies looking for a way to gain an advantage in the competitive fashion industry to take advantage of custom manufacturing services provided by clothing manufacturers in Thailand. 

Jewelry Suppliers in Thailand

Jewelry made in Thailand is one of the most popular items for export. Jewelry in Thailand forms a statement and helps to improve the appearance of the wearer. Many people rely on jewelry as a way to express to the world who they are. With this in mind, the jewelry industry offers an excellent opportunity for both resellers and companies looking to make their line of jewelry. 

Thailand is one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry and one of the largest exporters of precious stones. Thailand exports around $10 Billion in Jewelry a year. The jewelry in Thailand ranges from high-end sapphires and rubies to lower and cheaper wholesale jewelry.

The great thing about jewelry suppliers in Thailand is that it will generally be straightforward to find the right supplier. There are many options to choose from, each offering something unique. A business owner can decide how they wish to go about the process of selling jewelry to their customers and how their business model should work. They can then find a jewelry manufacturer that can meet the demands of their business. 

Jewelry production in Thailand uses Various metals, materials, and gems. It is possible to stock up on a range of cheap jewelry items for companies targeting the average customer who is unable to spend much money on a pair of earrings or a necklace. On the other hand, jewelry made from precious metals are also readily available, ensuring the higher-end customers with more money to spend can be served too. 

Wooden Goods Suppliers in Thailand

Thailand has long had a large hardwood manufacturing sector, but over the last decade, there has been a shift by manufacturers to focus on the export industry. The two most significant wood sectors are Hardwood furniture and engineered hardwoods.

wood items made in Thailand are items that can get very pricey in many local areas. By taking advantage of export opportunities offered by suppliers in Thailand, a business owner can bring the costs associated with stocking their showroom down. In turn, profit margins go up.

Engineered hardwoods tend to be very expensive. Suppliers in Thailand are often able to provide the same structures and hardwoods at more cost-effective prices. 

Wooden goods supplied by factories in Thailand are not limited to hardwood furniture and engineered hardwoods. Several other categories are also catered for by the manufacturing plants in Thailand that focus on producing wooden items. Buyers can import raw stock into Thailand at lower prices, which helps to make a local manufacturing process more affordable. 

Custom wooden goods can also be ordered from some suppliers in Thailand with their manufacturing plants. In these scenarios, buyers create custom designs for products ranging from a bed frame to a television cabinet for manufacturing in Thailand. Manufacturers can produce the products according to the specifications. 

Plastics and Injection Molding manufacturers in Thailand

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials in the world. There is a significant number of products and packaging items produced from plastic. Local plastic manufacturing can be a considerable expense, which is why many companies choose to outsource the need for plastic items and molding that might be needed. 

Thailand is one of the largest manufacturers of plastics in the world, exporting over USD 13 Billion in 2019. There are thousands of plastic manufacturers in the country and can make nearly any item from plastics. Plastic injection molding is one of the most popular items. When doing injection molding, the client will need to get a mold made. In most cases, the mold manufacturing will be in China.  

After the creation of the mold, it can then be reused as many times as the brand requires it in the future. While the initial cost for creating the mold may be high, it will provide long-term savings as only a single mold might be needed when producing a new product. 

Other popular products Made in Thailand

Thailand is a large and populous country, with a significant number of manufacturing facilities. The number of factories means there is no limit on the variety of products buyers source in Thailand. Below are just a few of the additional items businesses can source from Thailand. 

  • Household goods
  • Auto Parts
  • Construction Materials 
  • Rubber items Natural and synthetic (i.e., tires) 
  • Paper and Printing
  • Beauty/makeup/skincare preparations
  • Wrist/pocket watches (no precious metal case)
  • Electrical lighting/signaling equipment, defrosters
  • Seats (excluding barber/dentist chairs)
  • Paper
  • Iron and steel screws, bolts, nuts, washers
  • Lenses, prisms, mirrors
  • Leather

As a populous country, Thailand has many workers who produce quality products at cost-effective prices. Even when the items that people you wish to buy as a reseller are not listed here, they should not overlook the endless number of opportunities presented by these manufacturing facilities in Thailand. When a buyer knows the products they want to sell or the items they need to produce their range of products, then searching for a manufacturer or supplier in Thailand will often be an easy task – since there are so many options available. 

Final Thoughts on Thailand Manufacturing

Thailand is known as an advanced country in the Asian region. Thailand is home to many attractions and also a location for many tourists. Apart from tourist attractions, Thailand also has a large number of factories and manufacturing plants. Made in Thailand is famous around the world, particularly for supplying clothing to resellers all over the world. The jewelry market in Thailand is huge, along with some other industries that have major manufacturing capabilities in Thailand.  If you are looking beyond China for sourcing and procurement, consider Thailand.

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