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What products can you source in Taiwan? Is Made in Taiwan good? What are the best resources to find suppliers in Taiwan? Is Taiwan a good alternative to manufacturing in China? What brands are made in Taiwan? We answer this and more in our guide on Sourcing and manufacturing in Taiwan.
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Taiwan, whose official name is The Republic of China, is an island nation located off the coast of China. Taiwan is a state located in East Asia. It lies close to Japan and the Philippines. The capital of Taiwan is known as Taipei, but there are many other major cities in the state too. This includes Taoyuan, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, among others. Over 23 million people live in Taiwan. Among countries and states not part of the United Nations, Taiwan has the biggest economy. The New Taiwan Dollar is the main currency used in Taiwan. Many Products are Made In Taiwan and they have a great economy set up for export.

Taiwan is not only a popular destination for many travelers. In this state, there are quite a large number of factories that manufacture products, ranging from toys all the way to electronic devices. One thing that many people know is that importing products from Taiwan can provide a more profitable opportunity for companies in the business of selling any kind of item. Millions of sellers in the United States turn to exporters in Taiwan to create a successful business model.

There are many products that are made in Taiwan – and each product offers you a new opportunity to create a profitable business. We take a closer look at some popular products and categories that people tend to be interested in when importing from Taiwan.

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What Products Are Made In Taiwan?

Taiwan, along with Japan and South Korea, has one of the most advanced manufacturing sectors in the world. IN 2018 Taiwan exported USD 335.8 Billion worth of goods, which is impressive given its smaller population of 23 million people. Over 13% ended up in North America and 9.4% to European countries. Despite the massive export number that is heavily skewed by its Electronics industry, which includes the TMSC, the largest computer chip manufacturer. Electronics accounted for more than USD 180 Billion worth of goods.

Electronic Suppliers In Taiwan

Taiwan Is one of the largest producers of electronics in the world, exporting more than USD 180 Billion a year. They are most famous for the Computer chip fabrications, which are arguably the most advanced in the world. In addition, they have several OEM and even ODM electronics manufacturers. Though success is limited, I have heard of people having success having ODM electronics made in Taiwan.

Electronic components offered by manufacturers in Taiwan include everything from electronic molds to smaller items, such as aluminum capacitors.

Completed electronic products can also be imported from Taiwan, which presents an opportunity for resellers who are interested in entering the gadgets and other electronic markets. Some examples of completed electronic devices include smartwatches, smart locks, and even electronic fans.

Plastic Suppliers In Taiwan

Taiwan exported more than USD 20 Billion in plastic goods, much of its high-value plastics. In the 1990s, Taiwan was the world’s largest producer of Plastic, and plastic products were the number one export. However, a government focus on the high tech industry has since caused it to decline. Despite the decline, Taiwan does have one of the most advanced plastic industries and can make high precision goods. Taiwan’s plastic industry is well suited for exports.

Taiwan is also a leader in recycled plastic goods that range from building materials to biofuels and much more. There are several companies in Taiwan that are putting major investments into finding new materials and uses from recycled plastics

Hand Tools And Cutlery Suppliers In Taiwan

According to the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers’ Association (THTMA), there are over 480 Manufacturers of tools in Taiwan that include screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, power tools, garden tools, pliers and much more. The association hosts a trade show dedicated to Taiwan hand tools every year and has a free directory of members.

The directory gives businesses from other countries an opportunity to explore the vast range of tool manufacturers that are located in Taiwan. The trade show itself is visited by a significant number of business owners from third-party countries. It offers an excellent opportunity for these business owners to explore new trends in the tool industry – and find ways to captivate their audience with trending products.

Taiwan is not only known for producing quality tools but also makes an excellent range of cutlery. From the cheaper options that allow people to have the most essential cutlery in their home, to some of the more expensive cutlery sets that feature exquisite designs.

Cutlery includes stainless steel products that hold a durable design, ensuring these products can last for a long time. Baking supplies and several accessories, such as knife sharpeners and portable burner stands used in the kitchen, can also be easily sourced from Taiwanese manufacturers.

Toys And Games Suppliers In Taiwan

Toys and games are a very broad category, but it accounts for over USD 1.5 Billion in exports a year worth of products made in Taiwan. By our estimation, there are about 700-900 manufacturers in this category. The games and toy manufacturers in Taiwan make a wide variety of products. From Plush toys to board games, stickers, dolls, and even dog toys.

Many suppliers focus on specific types of toys or games when looking at manufacturers in Taiwan. Others, however, would have a broader focus and the ability to offer you access to a wider variety of toys.

The toys and games category extends to everyone – including children, teenagers, and adults. There are also manufacturers who are able to provide additional toys for family pets, such as dogs and cats.

Custom toy manufacturers can also be found in Taiwan. These manufacturers are able to provide custom services to companies that are looking to have specific types of toys made. This is a good opportunity when creating a series of branded toys. A custom mold can be made by the Taiwanese manufacturer, making it easy to produce hundreds or even thousands of these toys in a short period of time.

Precision Metal Manufacturing In Taiwan

Precision metal manufacturing is another large product category that is made in Taiwan. While the number of suppliers might seem somewhat limited, there is a great variety of tools and even final products that can be obtained from these suppliers.

In addition to providing precision metal manufacturing facilities and services, Taiwan is also home to many suppliers who are able to offer metal machines. These machines are offered at costs that seem to be lower than what they would be in other countries, yet provide similar functions. The purchase of these machines allows your company to have its own precision metal manufacturing department without the need for a third-party to be involved.

Several accessories can also be found by looking at precision metal manufacturing in Taiwan. This includes stamping parts, forming dies, and several other items. Custom precision metal manufacturing can also be ordered from certain suppliers in Taiwan. This is a good option if space is limited at your destination, and you do not have the skills to manufacture these metal items yourself.

Man-Made Fabrics And Filaments Suppliers In Taiwan

Synthetic fibers are available in abundance throughout the Taiwanese region. This is why man-made fibers and fabrics have a very important role to play in the economy of Taiwan. There are many suppliers of man-made fabrics and filaments located in Taiwan. Some of the suppliers specialize in a specific type of fibers, fabrics, or filaments. Others are able to provide you access to a larger variety from a single supplier.

Some of the man-made fabrics that can be sourced from Taiwan include carbon fiber parts, nylon yarn, polyester filament yarn, tex, and nonylphenol ethoxylate.

Synthetic and artificial leathers are also popular, along with PU reflective leather.

A number of recyclable man-made fabrics can be obtained from Taiwanese suppliers too. 

These fabrics help your company produce a more environmentally-friendly image, which is known to be good for business in modern times. The recyclable material can be reused in order to produce new products that can be sold to the public.

Synthetic fabrics can be used to produce products for both residential and commercial use. There is a great variety of materials that can allow local manufacturers to produce everything from shoes to furniture.

Other Products Manufactured In Taiwan

The products mentioned above provide a small example of items that businesses are able to source from Taiwan. There are, however, many other product types that are manufactured in Taiwan. The large economy of the state allows for more manufacturing opportunities. This is why so many businesses choose to have custom-made products and pre-made products sourced from factories and manufacturers in Taiwan.

  • Electrical machinery, computer chips, and equipment
  • Machinery including computers
  • Plastics and plastic articles
  • Optical, technical, medical apparatus
  • Iron, steel, and parts made of Iron and Steel
  • Copper
  • Optical, technical, medical devices and apparatus
  • Man-Made fabrics and filaments
  • Knit or crochet fabric
  • Rubber, rubber articles

Final Thoughts About Manufacturing In Taiwan

Taiwan has a large economy and contributes as a supplier of many products. Thousands, if not millions, of local sellers in the United States, take advantage of the suppliers that offer manufacturing services and products made in Taiwan. You can get almost any kind of product from Taiwan – ranging from completed items, such as electronics, to synthetic and man-made fabrics that can be used in your own manufacturing process. If you are interested in sourcing from Taiwan then fee free to search. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.


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