Best 15+ India Alibaba Alternatives List // Resources to Find Indian Products and Manufacturers

Alibaba is the standard for sourcing in China, but now so much in India. So what are the best Alibaba Alternatives for India? Sourcing Hub lists the best resources for sourcing suppliers, manufacturers, and products. This guide will include tips for finding wholesalers in India as well as manufacturers. We give a total overview of importing from India for businesses of all sizes.
India Alibaba Alternatives for Product Sourcing

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What are the best India Alibaba Alternatives? India is an emerging outsourcing destination for US companies looking to shift production from China to other cost-effective countries in Asia. India is currently one of the world’s largest economies with a large manufacturing sector, which is continuously expanding. India is known as one of the world’s leading outsourcing and offshoring hubs, even for small businesses. Many service-based jobs are outsourced in India, such as call center, IT/programming, and administrative jobs.

With many outsourcing to India, it begs the question: Is India viable as a manufacturing center? How hard is it to source products and source products in India? Is there an Alibaba alternative for India? This guide will focus on the biggest supplier websites in India that you can use to source your products. India’s export economy is estimated at $330B/year, and most of those hard goods end up in the US and EU. India’s vast amount of exports makes India one of the most valuable suppliers for goods, and investors can quickly source products.

The Indian Economy// Overview For Investors

India’s economy is among the largest in the world. India’s population numbers 1.3B and are the second largest in the world after China. India’s GDP is $3.2Trillion, making it the #5th largest economy in the world. India’s business advantage is that it provides solutions for small and large businesses alike. A country with a near unlimited workforce and cheap labor costs – it is one of the most attractive locations for large companies looking to outsource manufacturing in Asia.

The large abundant high-skilled workforce, English-speaking population, and experience in the technology industries make India stand out and put up a significant competition to China. While China stood out by offering basic manufacturing services combined with advanced engineering and product design solutions, India is now taking its place as the destination that can “do it all.” What’s more important for small business owners is that India’s wages are lower than those of China and significantly lower than in Europe and North America.

India is the Largest English-Speaking Country In The World

India belongs to the British Commonwealth, which means most of the population is English-speaking. India’s English-speaking population means there is no language barrier when conducting business, compared to other countries in the area where talking to suppliers is tough. India is the world’s largest English-speaking country and has more English speakers than the US and UK combined.

Communication between buyers/investors and workers in India is accessible, and they can convey their vision to suppliers without any hassle. Most suppliers in India are proficient in English, meaning there will be fewer technical issues and production delays when it’s time to manufacture your product.

Manufacturing Products In India: Potential Downsides?

We discussed the upsides: The unlimited workforce, English-speaking ability, and convenient location. However, are there any downsides to investing in India? The main disadvantage of doing business in India is that the country has a high employee turnover rate. In effect, companies usually have to hire and fire people frequently when conducting business in the country.

Moreover, employee protection is higher than in other countries in the region, and employees can sometimes have more rights than employers. India’s conservative government attempted to protect jobs (especially on large-scale investments) and made it harder to fire employees. While the harder-working employees may choose to leave quickly, the slackers are harder to fire due to government legislation.

There are also minor logistical issues when it comes to money transfers to and from the country. While in countries like China and Vietnam, it’s easy to send money to suppliers when you have to pay them, sending money to India is a bit harder. Many investors struggle to send money due to bureaucracy, and Indian officials may hold up the payment to investigate it. Due to many online scams originating from the region, many payment processors are limiting payments to/from India, which may affect your business if your payments are delayed.

Top 16 India Alibaba Alternatives In India: Full List

This list will focus on the biggest Indian trade websites where you can buy and place orders directly from Indian suppliers. Alibaba operates in India, but they are not the only website where you can source products from domestic suppliers. There are dozens of websites with thousands of products and suppliers you can source from directly. Most suppliers will speak English, making the transaction easy.

To see our Alibaba Alternatives around the world for Global Sourcing, click here. 

Note: Even though India has an advanced IT sector, most trade in the country is conducted in the old-fashioned at trade shows. If you fail to source the products you need on the websites below, consider visiting India and directly talking to suppliers.

The following is a list of the top 16 alternatives to Alibaba for India:

1) Amazon Business India

Amazon Business is a unique Amazon service designed for B2B services and makes a strong case as the India Alibaba Alternaivete. AB is one of the newest Amazon Services created in 2015, and the service is only offered in 9 countries. Amazon Business is the most substantial alternative to Alibaba because it services businesses and buyers who want to deal with suppliers for large quantities directly. Amazon Business is one of the best ways to discover Indian suppliers.

Amazon created AB to cater to the Indian B2B market and expanded it to 8 other countries: US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Amazon Business only services nine countries in total. The service caters to investors/buyers looking to source products in countries like India. It’s also used by small businesses such as offices, stores, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, etc., to source products at a better price. Most Amazon Business listings are in popular niches such as decorations, office products, interior products, health, personal care, cleaning, etc.

2) TradeIndia

TradeIndia is the largest domestically-ran B2B website for suppliers in India. TradeIndia is one of the oldest e-commerce websites in India, with over two decades in the business. TradeIndia provides similar services to Alibaba by connecting local suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, import/export professionals, and buyers throughout the globe.

TradeIndia was initially designed to Indian service businesses but grew into an international platform that serves buyers and sellers from all over the globe. The platform stands out by offering other services such as appointing local distributors, sales agents, franchisees, and more. TradeIndia currently has over 4M active users on the website and thousands of product categories. The site attracts over 20M visitors each month. TradeIndia is one of the best starting points for small businesses looking to conduct business in India.

3) ExportersIndia

ExportersIndia is a B2B trading platform for Indian suppliers with thousands of product categories and one of the country’s largest product selections. As one of the most popular B2B websites in India, ExportersIndia connects domestic manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters to international buyers.

ExportersIndia has nearly 25 years in the business and stands out for offering a broad range of products. The website is open to buyers from all over the world and provides numerous payment and shipping options.

4) Wholesalebox

Wholesalebox is an Indian-based trading platform that specializes in the wholesale market for female clothing and fashion accessories. As one of the largest Indian B2B platforms, the company has warehouses in Surat, Hyderabad, and Kolkata from which it ships merchandise internationally.

Wholesalebox claims to reduce sourcing costs for buyers up to 30% due to their large selection of products. Wholesalebox provides a mix of Western/casual and ethnic wear, including female fashion such as lingerie, footwear, jewelry, and more. The company expanded by offering men’s wear and kids wear products recently.

5) Indiamart

Indiamart is among the top #3 largest Indian B2B online platforms and one of the largest alternatives to Alibaba in the country. Indiamart provides a broad platform for wholesaling products and discovering India-based suppliers for international buyers. Indiamart is one of the oldest Indian B2B websites, and it was founded in 1995.

Indiamart has grown to become a highly-successful trading platform with thousands of Indian suppliers/distributors selling equally as many products. The most popular niche products on the website include furniture, construction materials, fashion/clothing, industrial supplies, machinery, and more. The company has a vast marketplace where buyers can narrow down their search and discover the suppliers they need.

6) Milmila

Milmila is a creative B2B marketplace founded by an Indian CEO to solve sourcing problems for Indian small/medium suppliers by connecting them to international buyers. Milmila was VC-funded in 2017, and the CEO is a previous employee of Alibaba India, who aims to solve issues concerning Indian suppliers. The company’s mission is to empower small/mid-sized suppliers and manufacturers in the country by giving them exposure while simultaneously offering great wholesaler rates for buyers.

Milmila’s two core services of the company are a product sourcing service where buyers can immediately source products and a reseller program where buyers take advantage of their drop shipping facility and send products directly to their buyers. The biggest categories are electronics, lifestyle products, and furniture.

7) go4WorldBusiness

go4WorldBusiness is an Indian B2B platform founded in New Delhi, India, with over two decades in the business. The company was initially established to connect importers and exporters based in India with international buyers. It provides an alternative to other platforms by connecting buyers to suppliers directly and allowing them to trade via the platform.

Buyers can sign up and directly connect to interested parties, then trade on the platform. The site is relatively easy to use and allows buyers to connect to thousands of potential suppliers fast.

8) Textile Export

Textile Export is an Indian-based company that specializes exclusively in the textile industry. Textile Export provides wholesale textile buying services and collaborates with local exporters who cater to the international market. Textile Export is based in Surat, India, and they have the largest collection of garments and clothing across thousands of different categories and different quality/price ranges.

As one of the largest wholesale websites in the country, Textile Exports also offers easy online orders with different payment and shipping options. Buyers can purchase products in packs and have them shipped internationally via express shipping that arrives in 4-5 days.

9) SuratFabric

Surat Fabric is one of India’s premier textile supplier websites specializing in the clothing and fabric business. Surat Fabric is also one of India’s oldest digital platforms with nearly three decades in the industry. Surat Fabric is based out of Surat (a large wholesaler city in India), and their service stands out by offering wholesale options for clothing ranging from suits to wedding dresses.

Surat Fabric has a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces and an extensive collecting of clothing, including casual, formal, designer, and more. Surat Fabric stores its merchandise in a private warehouse and ships internationally. It’s a massive platform that connects India-based wholesalers to international buyers.

10) JimTrade

JimTrade is an Indian-based B2B directory that provides access to more than 150,000 Indian manufacturers for international buyers. JimTrade exclusively specializes in the Indian market and connects Indian manufacturers/suppliers to buyers who want to find more information or purchase directly.

The directory also helps with Indian trade fairs across different industries, and most business in India is conducted the old-fashioned way. JimTrade helps Indian manufacturers by allowing them to promote their products and buyers around the globe by helping them source products quickly. It is one of the most straightforward websites to source products from India with hundreds of thousands of visitors.

11) E-IndiaWholesale

E-IndiaWholesale is an Indian e-commerce company founded in Jaipur, India, seven years ago, and started as a subsidiary of Jaipur. E-IndiaWholesale serves as a comprehensive e-commerce platform for merchants in India and globally. E-India Wholesale’s marketplace focuses on resellers and buyers of Indian jewelry and fashion.

E-IndiaWholesale also has its manufacturing capacity and can provide quotes directly from the website. Their minimal order amount for Indian buyers is 5000RS, and it’s $100 and up for international buyers. E-IndiaWholesale stands out by offering rare Indian clothes and jewelry that are hard to source on the internet. The company makes it easy to place an order and provides expedited shipping for international orders.

12) WebdealIndia

WebdealIndia is a platform that offers convenient access to merchants and regular customers, serving as a B2B and a B2C platform simultaneously. WebdealIndia’s marketplace is a mix of thousands of products that originate in India, including thousands of categories. Customers can purchase single products or choose from wholesalers offering products in bulk.

WebdealIndia makes it easy to start sourcing your products in India as there are no minimum order quantities, and buyers can choose between numerous shipping options. It is a trustworthy and reliable marketplace for products across the board.

13) Tradeford

Tradeford is an international B2B marketplace that is highly popular in India and provides a broad import-export marketplace that connects domestic Indian sellers and international buyers. Tradeford is free to use for both buyers and sellers, and sellers can showcase their inventory on the platform, making it easy for buyers to order products.

Tradeford offers a wide selection of products similar to Alibaba, ranging from electronics, furniture, machinery, food, construction equipment, and more. The site has years of experience in the industry and allows suppliers from worldwide to offer their products for international buyers.

14) Shopclues

Shopclues is primarily a B2C platform, but it offers wholesale options for businesses looking to purchase directly from suppliers. Shopclues was founded in 2011 and grew to become one of the most reliable Indian websites with a wide array of products.

Shopclues’s most significant product niches are female fashion, accessories, men’s fashion, electronics, mobile accessories, outdoor/camping equipment, sports equipment, lifestyle, home/interior, kitchen products, and more. Shopclues stands out by offering products at very low prices, which makes it an attractive sourcing website for international buyers.

15) Wholesale Mantra

Wholesale Mantra is an ethnic online B2B marketplace specializing in the sales of home decor and fashion accessories for Indian and Pakistani communities. Wholesale Mantras primary specialty is traditional Indian clothing, which they export the world over. They provide bottoms, sarees, kurtis, lehengas, and home decor items.

The website caters to Indians living abroad in communities in the US, Canada, Australia, the EU, and more. Wholesale Mantra provides a custom tailoring service that allows buyers to source the products they need and design them according to their own needs. Wholesale Mantra offers an expedited international shipping service that guarantees delivery in as little as five days.

16) Industry Buying

Industry Buying is a vast wholesale B2B directory based in India that provides access to 600,000 products with over 5000 Indian manufacturers/suppliers. Industry Buying focuses on popular products manufactured in India, such as power tools, electronics, cameras/safety equipment, footwear, and more.

International customers can purchase wholesale at low prices by registering for the service and consulting suppliers directly. They offer domestic shipping with cash payments upon delivery and international shipping.

17) Textile Megastore

Textile Megastore provides competitive rates and a unique collection with a variety of ranges from best of the quality fabric which certainly adds a style and essence to the statement to the women dressing. Our dress materials stand out for its fascinating styles from traditional wear to highly fashionable designer wear. We are dealing with all major brands.

Textile Megastore is the leading and awarded as highest best Manufacturer, wholesaler supplier and exporter in ladies clothing material – Un-stitched Dress materials and Kurtis, Silk Dresses, Batik Dresses, Designer Lehenga, Bridal Sarees, Bridal Lehenga, Designer Sarees, Printed Cotton Dresses, Cotton work Dresses, Designer Kurtis, and all kinds of Dress materials, Saree, Lehenga, quality of the Fabric, glamorous designs and with the most reasonable price in the country. Customer satisfaction is our prime slogan will promise to continue this service over and years.

Alternative // India Wholesale from China

The main alternative for sourcing materials/products to India is to ship them directly from China if you can’t source the products from the websites listed above. If your business manufactures a product in India, you may be lacking in certain materials that are impossible to source from India.

This is why you have the option to import from Chinese suppliers, which can ship the merchandise in as little as a day due to India and China’s sharing a joint border. Areas where Indian manufacturers typically lack in are fashion, toys, and machinery. Consider sourcing your products from China if the websites above do not provide the solutions you need.

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  2. I am a small ebay seller in the US and would love to buy from India and not from evil China. Some Indian needs to set up alliexpress type website that is easy to use and is as USA buyer friendly. Get your sh-t together and India could supplant China as a top commercial power.

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    Hi. I have a startup menswear brand consisting of 24 individual pieces. I’m looking for a manufacturer with low MOQ. 50 max per style.

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