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What products can you source in Mexico? Is Made in Mexico good? What are the best resources to find suppliers in Mexico? Is Mexico a good alternative to manufacturing in China? What brands are made in Mexico? We answer this and more in our guide on Sourcing and manufacturing in Mexico.
Made in Mexico

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There are many alternatives to sourcing and manufacturing outside China, and if you are an American, the closest option is in Mexico. Mexico is one of the largest exporters in the world and has many opportunities to source from. 

Mexico exported more than USD 450 BIllion worth of goods in 2018. Due to it’s shared border it’s no surprise that Mexico’s top trading partner is the United States. Northern Mexico has several industrial parks near the border that cater to the United States. These make many items ranging from cars to appliances, TVs to X-Rays. 

This guide covers products made in Mexico if you are curious about other countries to check out our ultimate guide to What products can be sourced outside China.

Sourcing Products from Mexico

Mexico is a great alternative to China Manufacturing, for many reasons including its proximity to the United States and cheaper labor cost. There are a wide variety of products that are made in Mexico. Including clothing, textiles, garments, apparel, appliances, electronics, medical devices, automobiles and much more. 

Bedding and Textiles Suppliers in Mexico

Mexico has a thriving textile industry that is famous for its quality. In addition to many large factories, Mexico has a thriving craftsman and artisan industry made up of small locally owned factories. These make everything from Hammocks, dresses, embroidery, rugs, and more Mexico is famous for its embroidery and uses of unique fabrics such as huipil and sisal from Agave. 

The large textile manufactures make for a wide range of famous brands including Carhartt, Ralph Lauren, Old Navy and much more are made in Mexico! Textiles are not as cheap as they are in other countries, but due to the fact that it is much cheaper and quicker to ship to the US from Mexico, it is a popular choice.  

Medical Devices Suppliers in Mexico

This is an interesting category, but it is one that I know people have had success finding and working with suppliers.  Medical devices are a very broad category but it generally includes everything from testing equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical electronics like defibrillators, scalpels, and surgical equipment and much more.  

Switzerland Global Enterprise did a great summary of the medical device industry in Mexico. According to SGE, there are over 600 suppliers in Mexico that exported more than USD 11 Billion worth of goods. This place Mexico as the 11th largest exporter in the world. 

Metals Manufacturing in Mexico

Mexico has a large metal manufacturing industry that largely supports is Automobile manufacturing. Mexico has set its factories near the US border so that they can quickly supply components to  American Manufacturers. These range from very high-end components made for the Aerospace and Automobile industries, to basic items for use in appliances and other items. Items made of steel, iron, titanium, and aluminum are made in Mexico. Metal manufacturing in Mexico includes all types such as sheet metal, additive and subtractive, wire manufacturing, and much more. 

Furniture Suppliers in Mexico

Furniture Manufacturing in Mexico is a rapidly growing industry. Mexico is one of a few countries that can produce a full range of furniture. In particular, Mexico is good at Upholstered furniture. As mentioned earlier Mexico has massive and diverse textiles and garments industry. As a result, there are plenty of sewers in Mexico that can create upholstered Furniture. Mexico makes woods and metal furniture as well. 

Appliance Suppliers and Manufacturers in Mexico 

Mexico is the largest appliance manufacturer in the world! Conveniently for Americans, most of the factories are located near the border. Mexico has several modern and advanced manufacturing facilities that can produce everything from Blenders to Refrigerators.  This category includes electronic Homegoods as well such as Vacuums and Microwaves manufactured in Mexico. 

Washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, vacuum cleaners, Microwave ovens, toasters, Blenders, slow cookers, and much more are Made in Mexico. These range from basic items to the latest high-end Samsung devices with integrated screens and smart assistance. 

Appliance brands that manufacture in Mexico include GE, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Black + Decker,  and more. Many of the most recognized brands in the world do their appliance manufacturing in Mexico to take advantage of the cheaper labor, and proximity to the United States. 

One good thing about Appliance Manufacturing in Mexico is that there are several white label manufacturers. Companies like Mabe and Tetakawi, make a white appliance that you can wholesale purchase or create a private label appliance or HomeGoods brand. For more information check out our guide on OEM vs ODM here. 

Consumer Product Suppliers in Mexico 

Mexico is a major manufacturer of consumer goods, that includes everything from toothpaste to Televisions. Consumer goods may be one of the broadest categories to define, but Mexico has a huge amount of manufacturers in this category. Fender makes guitars in Mexico, Bose makes their speakers in Mexico. 

Other items manufactured in Mexico

  • Cars, Trucks, and Automobiles 
  • Electrical machinery
  • Optical, technical, medical Devices and  apparatus
  • Lighting and signs
  • Prefab buildings
  • Plastics and plastic articles
  • Iron or steel parts and finished goods
  • Gems and  precious metals
  • Rubber and rubber parts

Setting up Manufacturing in Mexico Vs China

One of the biggest factors that need to be considered is Labor Cost and Shipping. Surprisingly the labor cost is often cheaper in Mexico than they are in China, particularly among hourly manufacturing wages. How much cheaper is labor in Mexico? Wages in Mexico are about 15% cheaper than in China on average, but the rates vary depending on where in Mexico or China and the level of skill. 

Another factor that many people do not consider is exchange rates. The Yuan has mostly been pegged to the US dollar, however, the Mexican Peso has been declined compared to the US dollar for almost 30 years. 

Shipping and proximity to the United States are one of the most obvious benefits. As most major manufacturers in Mexico are located less than a 2 hours drive from a border crossing, it’s extremely fast and cheap to move products into the United States. In addition, it’s very common for these factories to be managed directly by American citizens who travel regularly to supervise the production. Many major American companies will maintain their own  

Final Thoughts

Mexico is one of the top alternatives to China Manufacturing in the world, and for Americans, it should be one of your top choices for finding suppliers due to the proximity. You need to understand what Mexico is good at Also, Mexico is a difficult country to find a supplier in. There is not a solid alternative to Alibaba, so it’s important that you do a diligent search despite the limited resources. Regardless of the difficulties of Mexico Sourcing, it’s entirely possible to find factories and products made in Mexico.

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  1. I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last 2-3 days to find some kind of a business directory with a search feature to locate manufacturers of Backpacks in Mexico. There are a lot of nice sounding articles but no solid links or references. Google search also does not give any reliable results. My purpose was to shift the manufacturing from China to Mexico due to the very high shipping costs. I thought it would be easy to transport on a truck over the border. Unfortunately contrary to Alibaba or hundreds of individual results for Chinese manufacturers on Google, there is nothing but nice words for the Mexican manufacturing or I wasn’t able to find it. Needless to say I didn’t see any extra effort to sell or export.

    1. I completely agree. I keep seeing blog posts and articles about the potential of sourcing consumer goods from Mexico, but there seems to be a serious gap in the market for a database like Alibaba to connect American retailers with these supposed manufacturers.

      Trying to actually find a manufacturer in Mexico is like looking for a needle in a haystack, while Alibaba offers up dozens of suppliers who can make exactly what I want. The problem is just the shipping times and costs are impossibly high right now, and I would much rather support Mexico than China.

  2. Is there any link for sourcing bag manufacturer, particularly Backpacks (not leather)? I am surprised that google search doesn’t bring any direct results.

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