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What products can you source in Bangladesh? Is Made in Bangladesh good? What are the best resources to find suppliers in Bangladesh? Is Bangladesh a good alternative to manufacturing in China? What brands are made in Bangladesh? We answer this and more in our guide on Sourcing and manufacturing in Bangladesh.
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Bangladesh is a country that is part of the Southern Asia region and is major export manufacture with many products made in Bangladesh. The country is located at the delta of Jamuna and Padma. The Padma is often referred to as the Ganges too, while the Jamuna is often called the Brahmaputra.

The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka, with more than 15 million citizens. This is also the largest city in the country. Most of the people in Bangladesh are Bengali, with Hindu and Muslim being the overpowering religions in the country. 

Bangladesh is a focal point for many business owners. There are many manufacturing plants and facilities in Bangladesh that serve a wide range of clients. This provides an opportunity for business owners to explore cost-effective manufacturing solutions. It also yields a chance for resellers to gain access to products that may be available at more affordable pricing, thus giving these business owners an opportunity for greater profits. 

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest clothing manufacturer in the world, behind only China. Bangladesh is a South Asian nation that shares a border with India and has a population of 160 million people. According to the World Bank, Bangladesh exported more than $42 Billion worth of items, more than 90% of which were clothing, textiles, shoes, and other similar items. Bangladesh is the 2nd largest manufacturer of clothing in the world, behind only China.

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Knit and Crochet, aka Cut and Sew, Suppliers In Bangladesh

Cut and sew is a little different than typical clothing manufacturing. Cut and sew mean that the garment first started as raw fabric and processed into a finished garment. Cut and Sew manufacturers in Bangladesh tend to focus on simple items, from t-shirts to socks, sweatshirts, and other basic clothing items.

There is a relatively large market for these items made in Bangladesh. Many of the manufacturers tend to have existing designs that they use. The manufacturers may frequently update their catalog with new and trending clothing designs. This allows the reseller to buy from the manufacturer to have the latest fashion trends on its shelves. 

Some of these manufacturers may also offer an opportunity for custom services. In such a case, the business owner can present their own clothing designs to the manufacturing plant. The costs will generally be much lower compared to having the new designs made by a local manufacturing plant. 

In addition, to cut and sew clothing items, loose accessories can also be purchased. This is good for companies who are interested in making their own clothes but need the accessories and items that will be required during this process. Cut and sew equipment and accessories can be purchased in bulk from suppliers in Bangladesh, helping the company reduce the cost for manufacturing their own unique clothing line. 

Clothing, Hats, And Apparel Suppliers In Bangladesh

In addition, to the Cut and Sew factories in Bangladesh, there are tons of other factories and suppliers that provide a massively wide variety of clothing items. This ranges from everything from underwear to sock to jeans, pants, fast fashion, luxury brands, and much, much more that are made in Bangladesh.

Clothing is the biggest class of products made in Bangladesh – in fact, many people find that factories in this country are able to produce some of the trendiest fashion items. This makes it exceptionally easy for any type of business to get in touch with a clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh. 

Once in contact, the company can choose to buy pre-made products in bulk. The company will then act as a reseller. The items shipped to the company will be stocked on their shelves, and the business owner is able to use their own profit margin. 

There are custom clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh that can help a company create new fashion trends. This type of opportunity allows a business owner to have designers compile sketches for new lines of clothing. The designs are sent to the manufacturing facility. The clothing is then manufactured according to the design provided. 

Shoes And Footwear Suppliers In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Exported more than $1 Billion dollars of footwear and is a major supplier to most major brands. The footwear industry in Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing in the country with an annual growth rate of nearly 20%.

When you are able to deliver on the needs of the customer, you gain an advantage over competitors – especially when you are able to provide high-quality products at a lower price. Footwear and shoe manufacturers in Bangladesh offer quite an extensive range of services that business owners can take advantage of. 

You can choose to buy shoes and other footwear items from manufacturers who have their own designs. This helps you save time on the design process and means you do not have to worry about choosing the right material. This is a great option for resellers who simply want stock on their shelves. 

Some of the manufacturers can also work closely with a business or brand to produce something new. This can be done from scratch for shoes made in Bangladesh. A new shoe design can be produced; a prototype can be manufactured and sent to the business owner’s address. Once confirmed, production can start for the newly designed shoe in bulk. 

Other Items Manufactured In Bangladesh

The items that we looked at in the previous sections are only some of the products that are manufactured in Bangladesh. There really is an endless list of products that can be sourced from factories and manufacturing plants in the country. Here are a few additional categories of products that can be obtained and imported from Bangladesh:

  • Clothing Accessories
  • Underwear
  • Swimwear
  • Activewear
  • Miscellaneous textiles,
  • Worn clothing
  • Jackets, Coats and Outwear
  • Footwear
  • Yarn and woven fabric
  • Hats and Headgear
  • Leather goods 

It is always a good idea to have an understanding of the products you want to sell through your own business. This allows you to do a more accurate search and get better results when looking for products that are made in Bangladesh. For example, if you know that you want to sell branded clothing items, you can search for clothing manufacturers that are able to offer you t-shirts, pants, and other items that can be printed on. 

By searching for something specific, it becomes easier for the business owner to understand what to look for. This allows a narrower list of manufacturers to be collected, making the process of setting up meetings, and choosing the right factory an easier and more convenient task. 

Final thoughts on Made in Bangladesh Products 

Bangladesh has a large population and is a popular destination for people in need of manufacturing services. The clothing industry benefits the most from turning to Bangladesh, but there are several other types of manufacturing plants in the country too. Business owners can choose to resell products ranging from clothing to headgear, and even textiles when they contact manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh. Custom contracts can also be signed with these facilities to have new products made according to a design created by the brand itself. 

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  1. I bought some short pants at Walmart a couple of years ago and they are perfect. However, I can’t find them anymore. The only identification they have on the inner label is, Size 34, CARE30 and NW972GR.
    They are 94% Nylon and 6% Spandex.

    Do you know of any place that I can buy a few more pair.


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