Jungle Scout vs Helium 10 vs The Alternatives // Finding Profitable FBA Products

Amazon has become the world’s biggest marketplace. The online platform is no longer exclusive to the United States, with local websites representing many other countries. One thing that Amazon has created is an opportunity. This opportunity presents itself to anyone looking to sell products online and make some extra money from home.
Jungle Scout vs the Alternatives

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The Amazon Sellers platform allows you to set up your own business account and start selling products to customers on the Amazon platform.

There are more than 2.5 million people actively selling products on the Amazon platform. Among these, about 25,000 individuals make at least $1 million worth of sales annually. An additional 200,000 people obtain $100,000 of sales or more each year too. The platform is obviously profitable, but you need to sell the right products for your strategy to work.

Jungle Scout and The Alternatives

Jungle Scout has become the norm for Amazon sellers. The tool gives you access to a wide range of tools to help you find the perfect products to sell, but it is not the only software of its kind. Let’s explore some of the alternatives, including Helium 10 and more – some of which are free or more affordable than the Jungle Scout platform.

Jungle Scout, What Makes It So Popular?

Jungle Scout has a complete suite of tools that focus on helping you become a more successful Amazon seller. Jungle Scout’s main feature is an Amazon product finder tool. This tool helps you find the best types of products that you should focus on selling when you become an Amazon seller. An in-depth research tool is included too, which helps you find keywords to rank and other ways to get more buyers to your Amazon store. One of Jungle Scouts’ newest feature is a supplier research tool, where you can search for the factories directly. 

Jungle Scout provides a web platform that can be used to perform searches for products and to do research. There is a Chrome extension that you can take advantage of too. This extension makes the process of finding products to sell on Amazon easier.

The Amazon Product Finder tool gives you a full report on revenue and sales data for any product on the marketplace. You can also add products that you want to track. This allows you to analyze any trends that seem to be present.

The Chrome Extension costs $97. The web platform starts at $29 per month for a standard account. A business account costs more.

What are The Best Alternatives To Jungle Scout? 

Jungle Scout isn’t the only research tool that you can use to become a more successful Amazon seller. There are a few alternatives that sometimes even come with better tools – or a more affordable price tag. In fact, a few of these tools allow you to get started for free, which is perfect if your budget is a bit tight during the earlier stages of your new business venture.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a popular alternative to Jungle Scout, also providing a complete set of tools that aims to help you succeed on the Amazon seller platform.

The Helium 10 system features multiple tools that you can take advantage of. 

These tools include:

  • The Black Box tool helps you find the perfect products to sell.
  • Xray is a browser extension that makes product research easier.
  • Scribbles give you a powerful tool to help optimize your Amazon product listings.
  • Cerebro allows for reverse ASIN searches.
  • Refund Genie helps you gain reimbursement for damaged and lost inventory.
  • Inventory protector helps to guard your Amazon store against scams.

You can get started with a free account when you sign up for the Helium 10 platform. Premium plans, of course, give you access to more powerful tools.

Premium plans start at $97 per month for an entry-level package. The Elite Plan costs $397 per month but also gives you access to in-person workshops and the latest training. You can choose to pay annually instead, which gives you two months of free access to your selected plan.

Unicorn Smasher

If you are looking for a free tool, then Unicorn Smasher is definitely one you want to consider. The tool is free to use. You can simply download the software and start researching Amazon products.

You get a full dashboard to perform product research on. Sales estimates are provided by the Unicorn Smasher tool. You also get a full analysis of the products that you are planning to sell.

The platform has support for both the US and UK Amazon stores. This is not the most powerful tool for doing product research, but it is a good option if you have a limited budget when you are still a new Amazon seller.


eComEngine provides automation software for Amazon sellers who are looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency. The platform offers several tools that merchants can use to increase reviews, manage FBA inventory, research products, and more.

eComEngine software supports Amazon sellers in over 100 countries and is available in most international marketplaces. You can get started with a free trial or schedule a demo to see the software in action.


Another powerful tool that you should consider is AMZScout. This platform is quite unique – the goal of the product research tool is to help you find a product that will be able to make you $3,000 or more each month.

You can get started for free – to use the trial offer, and you do not need to enter your credit card details. This is an important feature, as you make no commitment before testing the Pro version of the platform.

Pricing starts at $44.99 per month for the AMZScout pro extension. You can also buy a lifetime license for $199 once-off.

Seller Labs

Link: https://www.sellerlabs.com/scope

If you plan on selling to a US audience only, then Scope, from SellerLabs, would be another great option. You get full access to the browser extension at no cost, and you are given an opportunity to upgrade to a Pro plan that provides you access to the web platform.

The system includes tools that help you find the right products to sell. You also get a tool to help you optimize your listings, which increases organic rankings. Advanced research tools ensure your efforts will not go to waste.

Pricing starts from $49 for the Pro plan, depending on how many sales you currently have. When you pay annually, you save at least $120 per year.

Final Thoughts on Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout has become the most popular tool for people who want to sell on Amazon. While useful, it is not the perfect tool for every seller. Luckily, there are a few alternatives that offer similar features – often at a lower price. Helium 10 is only one example of an alternative. We looked at a few excellent tools, apart from Jungle Scout, that can help make your journey as an Amazon seller more profitable. Once you do have a product than the next step is to find a supplier, check out our Guide on Alibaba Alternatives from around the world!

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